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In this episode of Run the Power (RTP) we were lucky enough to to talk football with Coach Tony Shiffman! Coach Shiffman is a former offensive line coach and is now the Head Football Coach at Fort Madison High School in Iowa, and Co-Creator of HogFBChat on twitter. In this episode of Run the Power we talk about HogFBChat (every Offensive Line coaches favorite part about Mondays) the transition from O-Line coach to Head coach, and the special bond that football coaches feel with their offensive line group. This is a great episode for aspiring Offensive Line, and Head Football Coaches alike! You can Follow Coach Shiffman on Twitter @CoachShiffman and you can check out and participate with the HogFBChat every Monday night at 8. You can also find more information on the Hog Football Chat Clinic at Rhodes College in Memphis on March 10th on their website

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