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On this episode of Run The Power (RTP) we talked with Jerrod and Clint Anderson. The Anderson brothers grew up in Allen TX. Both went on to start multiple years at the collegiate level across the Offensive Line. Most recently, Jerrod and Clint own and operate Lineman Performance Association, which looks to create equipment specific for offensive linemen in the weight room. Their best selling product, the SoupBone, is an attachment for a standard weightlifting bar to make landmine movement more specific to offensive linemen. The Anderson’s also operate Anderson OLine Academy. Anderson OLine Academy trains offensive lineman looking to perfect their craft in both Texas and Oklahoma.  Me and Walz talked to the Anderson’s about Anderson OLine Academy, working with Lecharles Bentley, their current and future line of products at Lineman Performance Association, their careers as collegiate offensive lineman, what they work on with their athletes, and even a little about nutrition. Go to to visit Anderson OLine Academy and to visit Lineman Performance Association. You can follow them both on Twitter @Anderson_OLine & @LPAStrength. Hope you enjoy!

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