Coaches we’ve been saying that the game is under attack for years, and it’s never been so evident than it is now with the laws certain states like California, Maryland, Illinois, and New York are attempting to put in place. As coaches, we’ve seen what football can do for a young man, and it is our duty to protect that for generations to come! Think we are blowing this out of proportion? Look at the tweets of California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez and Assembly Member Kevin McCarty who want to pass legislation to make it illegal to play tackle football until a certain age.

It is times like these, more than ever, that we must come together as a football coaching community, and stand up for the game that has made us into the men we are today. We are trying to do our part at RTP to build a community of Football Coaches that love the game, the players, and the lessons football has taught and is continuing to teach us in life.

If you’ve created clinic film that would benefit football coaches around the country, don’t just sit on it, join and contribute like so many other coaches have to the RTP community by contacting us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or by emailing us at . Go check out our Free Clinics on YouTube, our Podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Stitcher, and our Articles on to be a part of the RTP coaching community. We are humbled to be part of such a giving and caring community of Men, and we look forward to serving you and football for years to come!


Me and My Dad


Me and My son

Walz Coaches

Coach Walz with brother Ryan and father Darryl, both football coaches

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