RTP Podcast returns for episode 18 with Pat Baker, current Linebackers Coach at Kirkwood HS in Kirkwood, MO, a suburb of St. Louis. Kirkwood and Coach Baker won the Missouri Class 6 State Championship in 2016. Prior to Kirkwood, Coach Baker has had a long and varied background in the game of football, working in many capacities at many different levels. Listen as Rowdy and Walz talk with Coach Baker about working for coaches like Dean Pees at Kent State and Randy Walker at Northwestern. Coach Baker also discusses his great friendship with Josh Boyer, DB Coach for the New England Patriots, and some great insight into working for Coach Belichick. Finally, Coach Baker tells us about the similarities and differences in HS football working in states like Ohio, where he coached and grew up, and Georgia. You can follow Coach Baker on Twitter @pepperleach3.

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