We run gap scheme the majority of the time at Broken Arrow High School. The 2 plays that average us the most amount of yards per carry have been Strong Power (9 YPC) and Weak Power (7.2 YPC). Weak Power is when we run power to the 3 man surface instead of a 4 man surface, or as we tell our offensive line, weak power you have 1 helper. On weak power the Tight end OR Fullback kicks out the end man on the line of scrimmage, we get a double team to the backside linebacker, and our backside guard pulls for the playside linebacker. We like weak power for 2 reasons. The First Reason. It gives us a great play to run weak when teams overcommit to the Tight End’s side of the ball in our I Formation to stop Strong Power. The Second Reason. Weak Power is a way for us to have a very physical run out of multiple personnels and formations. The key to running weak power successfully is getting vertical movement on the double team, and having a running back that is patient and will hit the run in the frontside or backside A gap.


When we call weak power, we have multiple variations that we can tag at the end of the play call. By making the variations a tag at the end of the play, it allows us to keep all of the blocking rules the same for the 5 offensive lineman. The tag only pertains to 1 or possibly 2 players. In doing this, we can make weak power look like multiple different plays to a defense but keep it simple and concise to our offensive players, allowing them to effective block a lot of different variations to multiple fronts and blitz’s.

Installing Weak Power

With a set of simple and concise rules to our weak power play, we have developed a way to install more than 6 variations of a play against the 3 predominant fronts we say all in to a single day of installation. We can run weak power to a Tight end or to a Fullback, we can run it out of 11, 12, 20, 21, 22, and 31 personnel, and we can get all of this blocked to 3 different defensive fronts consistently throughout the year. This is our most dynamic play!

Weak Power Course

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