2019 at Run the Power has been Awesome! We had the priveledge to interview some of the top, High School, College & NFL coaches across the country! We also launched and have continued to add to RTP Premium, our football coaching video streaming side of the website. We currently have 5 series including our most popular RTP Install. In 2019 we also introduced the first Free Live Virtual Summit which was seen by thousands of football coaches across the world, and we had 2 of them! The lists below represent some of our top downloaded content from 2019.

RTP & HOT Virtual Summit

5. Don Bartel – In his presentation HERE Coach Bartel talks about how he runs his program in Washington State.


4. Nick Codutti – In his presentation HERE Coach Codutti talks about how he coaches the wide zone in Texas.


3. J Pond – In his presentation HERE Coach Pond talks about using indy drills in Louisiana.


2. Cody Alexander – In his presentation HERE Coach Alexander talks Match Quarters.


1Matt Drinkall – In his presentation HERE Army’s Coach Drinkall talks about how to install an explosive offense and attack a 3-4 from his Kansas days.


RTP Premium

5. OL FIlm Room S1E1 Wisconsin – Coach Harper breaks down Wisconins O-Line in the first episdoe HERE 


4. RTP Install S1E10 Weak Power -Coach Walz breaks down and installs weak power in the 10th episdoe HERE


3. Long Handoffs S1E3 Alabama vs Texas A&M – Coach Walz breaks down Alabama’s pass game against Texas A&M in the 3rd episdoe HERE 


2. Special Teams S1E1 Punt Block & Return – Coach Flynn coaches and installs punt block and return in the 1st episdoe HERE 


1RTP Install S1E15 Seam Read/Levels – Coach Walz breaks down and installs seam read/levels in the 15th episdoe HERE



10 . Thomas Macpherson – Listen as we talk with Coach Mac about his football videos on YouTube, his philosophy on playing and practicing fast, and his website playfastfootball.org. You can follow Coach Mac on Twitter @CoachMac8740.


. Gabe Fertitta – Listen as we talk with Coach Fertitta in-depth about all things Gap Scheme, including scheme, technique, philosophy, and play calls. You can follow Coach Fertitta on Twitter @Fertitta_Gabe.


. Masaki Matsumoto – Listen as we talk with Coach Matsumoto about his coaching journey through southern California and Washington, the core covenants of Lincoln football, and building and maintaining a great coaching staff. You can follow Coach Matsumoto on Twitter @coachmatsumoto.


. Chili Davis – Listen as we talk with Coach Davis about his playing career and early coaching journey all over the USA, how playing DB has helped him as a WR coach, and the importance of finding tough, unselfish skill athletes to play and dominate on special teams. You can follow Coach Davis on Twitter @ChiliDavisNMSU.


. Chris Vasseur – Listen as we talk with Coach Vass about his phenomenal coaching journey across the country, his defensive influences and philosophy, and his simple and excellent system for teaching and calling defenses. You can follow Coach Vass on Twitter @CoachVass.


. AJ Blazek – Listen as we talk with Coach Blazek about his football journey from JUCO to Iowa and up through the ranks to the Big 10 and now at the mecca of college football in NDSU, how NDSU has evolved over the years to be able to run any type of scheme/offense, and how he likes to design practice and inside run drill to maximize your reps and skills. You can follow Coach Blazek on Twitter @CoachBlaz.


. Dub Maddox – Listen as we talk with Coach Maddox about his trip to the U of Iowa to talk with their staff about the R4 System, lessons learned from his first season as a head coach, and some great insight in how he will be attacking the latest football craze: Tite Front with 3 Safety looks. You can follow Coach Maddox on Twitter @CoachDubMaddox and @R4FBCHAT.


. Darryl Bullock – Listen as we talk with Coach Bull about his playing career at Penn State University, how he has learned the game working for so many great coaches like Chip Kelly and Brennan Marion, and some of his favorite quotes he uses to teach football and life lessons to his players. You can follow Coach Bullock on Twitter @coachbull_.


. Tony Holler – Listen as we talk with Coach Holler about his revelations in building and coaching SPEED, how he motivates his athletes using record, rank, and publish, and tips on how you can practice faster and keep your athletes fresher and ready to perform maximally on game nights. You can follow Coach Holler on Twitter @pntrack.


. Brad Dixon – Listen as we talk with Coach Dixon about how he has adapted principles from Tony Holler’s Feed The Cats program to enrich his football and athletic program in Camp Point. He shares his weekly practice schedule, lifting and running plans, and the Why behind what he does. You can follow Coach Dixon on Twitter @coachbdixon.

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