Dub Maddox, co-owner National Football Academy, OC/QB Jenks High School

Brady’s knowledge of football, athletic training and development are the best I have been around. He has a unique ability to channel his expertise in different ways so that kids “get it”.
Brady is the consummate team player who is willing to serve wherever he can so that others may benefit.
I would highly recommend Brady as apart of any workplace that seeks to use his tremendous talents. You will not find a better person and coach.

Ryan Mullaney, CEO, Team Attack Academy, Asst. FB Coach, Lutheran HS (Denver)

Can you imagine saying this about anyone you know in any industry? Here goes. Brady Walz is the best complete football coach I’ve ever known. I am not one to embellish. I’ve played for Bud Grant, Buddy Ryan, Neil Armstrong, Marv Levy, Ray Malavasi, Tony Knap, Bill Mallory, Les Steckel, and Sark Arslanian. I’ve coached with many more over 28 years of football experience. I’ll say it again. Brady Walz is the best complete football coach I’ve ever met (let alone worked with). He has it all. Talent evaluation, knowledge of the game both sides of the ball, physical development, motivation, relationship management, position skills, speed, discipline and promotion of athletes.

Jim Thornton, President, Results Unlimited, Inc.

Brady is one of the best and brightest coaches in the country. He has a keen eye for talent and understands the nuances of line play. As a tight end coach he has exceptional awareness of the details and the communication skills to teach not only the “what” but more importantly, the “why”. The bottom line, he maximizes players abilities by packaging his knowledge and delivering in the appropriate manner.

Brady has the interpersonal skills to relate to everyone he meets. A hard worker that is both liked and respected by players and fellow coaches. His communication style is direct, honest and insightful. His organizational skills and time management allows him to successful multi-task with accuracy and efficiency. Superior motivator and knows the game of football and “life” very well. Great football coach, even better life coach.

Michael Crank, Insurance and Financial Services Agent, State Farm Insurance

Brady is an individual that is dedicated to excellence in all that he pursues. Brady possesses a unique passion for sport and development that drives his desire to help others succeed. It is easy to see why he is so good at his craft. He has always believed that excelling on the field is only possible if you excel off the field first both in the classroom and in the weight room. I have had the opportunity to work with Brady on several occasions over the last 10 years and would recommend his expertise to anyone that is looking for an edge in development both physically and mentally.